Wesaborgs AB


One-man controlled log saw for rational and flexible production of wood products. At the development of ST-65 it has been taken care of many years development work with practical experience, where the work environment is put in focus.

  • Proportionally controlled length input with a saw speed up to 80m/min.

  • Measure adjustment and sequence controlling with a PLC-system.

  • The circular saw blade is controlled by an air radiated steering block.

  • The logrotators are individually controlled in sidepath.
    Blockstop 2-states.

  • Max. log diameter: 650mm
    Max. log length: 6.3m

    Min. log length: 2.4m

    Max. sawing speed: 60m/min

    Crosswidth over sawtable: 0-600mm
    Max. sizewidth over the lodger: 540mm

    Circular saw blade diameter: 1200mm

    Max. crossheight: 480mm